Nameless Sky is an experimental public service that aimes to promote culture for everyone.

Support us to stimulate the action of reading a book and to become a point of reference for local communities.



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Reading is an action which requires concentration. An open air public garden or park scenario, where people are free to get in and out, is the ideal context of Portable Reading Room Namelessy Sky. A temporary location for this small-scale architecture will engage curious and interested people in interacting through adding a positive value to its context.


Namelessy sky has been awarded as the 1st prize of the Archhive Books Portable Reading Room International Competition. Providing an economical support to its construction will guarantee to the investors an important mediatic coverage. Moreover, due to its cultural frame it represents a perfect opportunity to launch new books through a public booksharing service.

Sponsors will be conveniently displayed as supporters of the project.

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