Linear Lamp lighting the space through colors reflection


L -LINEAR: consisting of lines, or in the form of a straight line. - AMP AMPERE: the base unit of electric current in the International System of Units
Wall-mounted linear LED lamp made of aluminum profiles and plexiglass. An industrial-looking piece of design in which light engages color through simplicity, as a clear language made only of straight lines, counterposed to details, as exposed mechanical components empowering the human-labour necessary for assembly.


The LEDs are oriented towards the wall and do not harm the eyes of the viewer. Light bounces back from the wall and lights up the environment through a reflection enriched by the presence of the colored-transparent plexiglass, mounted on the back support of the lamp. L-AMP has been designed with standard elements and built through techniques which do not require industrial machinery. The simple manufacturing process allows to invest most of the energies in providing wide customization possibilities in terms of dimensions, materials, light quality, and plexiglass color.

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